Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tahbilk, Marsanne, 2011, Nagambie Lakes, Victoria, Australia

I've been on somewhat of a wine buying craze lately after my beloved cousin allowed me to access his free shipping offer from  It's not a bad deal considering Hawaii is also included in the offer.  I also have been buying a more blindly and this value Australian Marsanne from central Victoria piqued my interest.
It's murky glowing yellow in the glass and has a slightly stink bomb nose with some flintiness and old hay notes. The body is rather waxy/milky and round in texture. Green apple and honey with a somewhat unpleasant nutrasweet tinge.  Overall okay for a 14 dollar bottle of wine.

Also this was the last drink I had with my friend Kiara before she left Hawaii forever.  People think Hawaii is paradise but sometimes for people that struggle with their mental health living here is like looking at paradise from the wrong side of a tall barbed wire fence.  Kiara reminded me that that it was possible to climb over and I still miss the fuck out of her.  So this is a reminder to me and anyone else that bad wine tastes better with good people and good wine alone will just drag you down.        

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