Friday, August 9, 2013

Yalumba, Sangiovese Rose, Y Series, 2011, South Autralia

This budget rose from Yalumba is strikingly deep orange and brown in the glass.    The nose somehow pulls off blending curacao, sea salt, vanilla, and just a touch of sauteed asparagus.  A nice summery light to medium bodiy is counterbalanced by a subtle oily texture.  I wasn't crazy about the flavor profile as its fairly simple with tart cranberries, spicy radish, and just a kiss of lemon on the short finish.  It did pair quite well with my bachelor-style poke bowl of pre-frozen safeway bought spicy ahi and microwaveable brown rice.  Maybe I should start reaching a little higher? Nah fuck it, this is good enough for now.        

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